Performances 1.5 Tons VII: Impossible bands 5.6

Three ways to get an invitation for “1.5 Tons”:

1. If you’re a member of PSA since 2017.1.1, you can directly book the event on the official website of PSA.

2. From April 15 to May 6, if you apply for a membership card in Power Station of Art, you will receive an invitation for 1.5 Tons  Ⅶ.

3. From April 15 to May 6, if you have a single consumption over 388 yuan in A Power Store on the 1st ,3rd 5th floor of PSA or APS in the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, you will receive an invitation for 1.5 Tons Ⅶ.

*One invitation for one person only.


Wang Wan

A free musician, who writes music of different styles and genres. During the writing, she has tried many different methods and is discovering various possibilities in the development of music.

Shi Anzhuo

A free artist and writer, who never takes the art as the purpose. He has been trying to build the connection between art form, environment and experience.

The two performers will give the show in two different places, so as to have a concerto crossing time and space. Through music based on Rachmaninoov Second Piano Concerto, they want to express their concerns on control and relax, known and unknown existence, fusion and rejection.

Hai Qin

Hai Qing

Mongolian, born in Abag Banner. From folk music to rock and roll, he gradually formed his art language. Hai Qing started independent composing since 2015. In 2016, he recorded his first album Rou Dandan(The Flesh), aimed directly at Progressive Rock. The album was officially released on Feb.28, 2017.

HaiQing will perform some songs in his album in republic for the first time. It is an album of both 70’s Progressive Rock style and oriental feature. It’s both fantastic andrestrained, magical and realistic. The album is named after one of the songs called “Rou Dandan”, which is a word in western Mongolian dialect. It means the flesh. The flesh is not the same as the body. The body is unconscious, while the flesh is where our soul (mind, emotion and will) lives. Mostly, our sin comes from the flesh. For example, what a rapist has committed is what his flesh has done. Of course, there are many hidden behavior of the flesh.

The theme of the album is simple, which is the between human’s mind and consciousness. Most of the album is about the flesh of human beings. Every one belongs to his flesh. How does our consciousness beat the flesh? The author is also searching for the resolution. The Rou Dandan (flesh) is actually the enemy of everyone’s consciousness.

Guitar, Vocal: Hai Qing

Guitar: Li Xing

Drum: Deng Boyu

Flute, Didgeridoo, Saxophone: Lao Dan

Sheng, Plastic Trombone: Zhang Meng

Bass: Du Ping

Not in catalog

Not in catalog is a band started in Beijing, in November, 2015. Members are Zhao Cong (Bass Guitar), A Bing (Guitar), Luo Dilai (Drum), Zhu Wenbo (Guitar/Wind Instrument/Vocal). “Not in catalog” is a Rock & Roll plan. They stand on the opposite of the Rock & Roll evolution in different period. Besides, they have more identities.

Zhu and Zhao once had a band and released three albums of totally different styles. A Bing is also a member of a Rock & Roll band called “Boiled Hippo”. Luo writes for a Wechat public account called “ShakingLeg Club”. They sometimes play solo, in which there are some prolonged sound, some freed back and something hard to classify. They perform with musical instruments, sometimes not.

In April, 2017, Not in Catalog released their first album. It was recorded in Hangzhou, in July, 2016. There are 9 songs in the album. All the CDs are wrapped and decorated by the members.


Wild, rough noise aesthetics and broad, dark tone of the whirlpool balance of the three-dimensional sense of feeling, is out of the understanding of three members of Red Scarf on the sound, time, space and structure.One can analyze the full tension of their music in the constant establishment of the destruction, orderly chaos and reorganization.

Red Scarf’s first CD album was released in January 2016 by BADHEAD. It is composed of over 40 minutes’record of free improvisation, which was divided into four pieces called “轟,刕,靐,飝”. From the gong's metal impact to the high-frequency whistlingof Chinese suona and reed whistle, then the emotion suddenly switched to a dynamic sharp balance of guitar, drums and saxophone.

In the end, the OrientalCult grotesquebrought from the bamboo flute and voice took the music back to aroarof free jazz. We can see how large the span is when they are looking for their own sound.

In 2017, Red Scarf will record a new album. The style will be more imaginative and the temple will be wilder including Progressive Rock, Thrash Metal, Math Rock, Funk and Punk.

Deng Boyu

His music style includes Rock & Roll, Jazz and Free-style. He is also a Progressive Electronic Musician, who is obsessed with the atmosphere of minimalism. His work is featured as delicate tempo with fantasy. His first electronic album was released in 2012. He is also a drummer of a band called “Wu Tiao Ren”, and has participated in the record of their latest album “Guangdong Girls”.

Li Xing

From Progressive Rock to Free Jazz and then to the sound art, he detaches the sound languages in different environment, and then form his own music language. From Beijing to Shanghai, several years of music life provides him more thought about the sound. He also gets his inspiration from the relationship between sound the Chinese contemporary society. He starts to think about the temptation and possibility of noise, environment, series, events and occasion.

Lao Dan

Professional in Chinese bamboo flute. In 2012, hebegan to studywind instruments all ver the world, including: mouth string, Di Ji Li Du tube, India Ban Su Li flute, bamboo saxophone, Armenian Duduke flute, etc. Moreover, he has added his own ideas and characteristics into the playing methods and techniquesof traditional Chinese bamboo flute. In the play, he puts much emphasis on freedom, emotions, thinking, space and other details. After a lot of performance and recording, he adds the experiment, noise, free improvisation and other elements in the music style. He uses flute and saxophone as the main instruments and takes other musical instruments in the world as a supplement, making his music more abundant, and of more creativity.

Short Wave

Feng Mengbo

Graduated from the Printmaking Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing. As the first man to create with computers, Feng uses the game as the carrier of contemporary art. As an artist who has been invited to participate in the Kassel Literature Exhibition for two consecutive times, he is one the leaders of Chinese media art.

Wu Na

Born in Chongqing, the first master of Chinese Guqin in China. In 1991, she was admitted to The Middle School affiliated to the Central Conservatory of Music to study Guqin. Her teacher was Guqin artist Zhao Jiazhen. She’s also the musician Dou Wei’s Guqin teacher.

"Short Wave" comes from Feng Mengbo’s childhood memory of listening to the Western musicon radio. The music that damped with electronic noise from that time was injected into his blood, also affecting his future life, as well as his artistic creation.

Feng and Wu Na’s first cooperation was in 2013. They haveperformed a number of showsin Beijing, China, Hamburg, the United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi , and will release their first album next year. In the ShortWaveConcert Feng Mengbo and Wu Na want to create a rebellious spirit, just as the temptation to explore the traditional Chinese model music in the western noisy waveband.

About “1.5Tons”

“1.5Tons” experiential serial show is a project initiated by Power Station of Art. “1.5Tons” is a brand of theatre performance art and music concert created from the perspective of contemporary art. It sticks to a philosophy of “more music, more muscle”. Performers are invited to the museum to have an experiment between sound and body, while the audience are welcome to mobilize their senses of sight hearing and smell to enjoy an experience of both sensuality and interactivity. The name “1.5Tons” originated from a special column in the magazine art word about experiential music and sound art. Now, it has been developed into a serial music concert in Power Station of Art and has become a music festival of PSA.