Talks Open Core

Speaker Julien Maire
Brief Introduction of the Lecture- Performance:

In OPEN CORE, French artist Julien Maire revisits public demonstrations of anatomic dissection from the 16th century with a presentation in which he deconstructs cameras.

The audience witnesses the elongation of cables, the diversion of light, and a progressive destruction of connections. The machines’ organs are transplanted to gradually build new instrument prototypes.

In an attempt to metaphorically and empirically reveal the “movement-image,” Maire provokes a series of anticipated catastrophes. The presentation crafts an intellectual trajectory through an optical journey into the body of machines.

Produced with the support of HauptstadtKulturfond Berlin

Artist Introduction

© Julien Maire, photography Marc Wathieu

Julien Maire

b. 1969, Metz, France;

lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. Since the mid-1990s, Julien Maire has navigated between performance art, media installation, and cinema to produce live performative works, exploring the physicalities of the moving image. He has mastered in unexpected ways advanced technologies such as CNC mills, laser cutters, precision optics, etc. Today, 3D printers are naturally also part of his toolbox.