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Late Autumn Lightning

We will make a piece [Late Autumn Lightning] together with the workshop participants.  It is the story of a nursing home based on our production [Lightning] in which two old people’s memories mingle.  Each one’s memories reproduced in their mind appear like hallucinations.

This production of four dancers has been presented four times so far in Yokohama and Tokyo, Japan, Chisinau in Moldova and Sibiu in Rumania.

In Graz, Austria we were commissioned to develop this piece to a larger one [Rob them not of their joy] focused on a old people’s nursing home.

Theme of the production

For whom does the possibility of “self-expression” exist? 

At an institution for the elderly people whose families can no longer cope with them, there is no freedom for the residents.  Why can't these people whose minds are no longer intact have any freedom of expression? Isn’t their strange behavior, that so troubles care-workers, a revolt against the suppression of their self-expression?  In the world of their disconnected consciousness, sometimes very clear past memories come back and are projected in their mind's eye.  But that happens for only a fraction of a moment, and then is gone as though the transmutation of a fleeting cloud. The memories inseparable from delusion or reality, will be reflected in their outward behavior.

Remembering becomes a stimulus, an impetus to live.

Like “coma reading” which is communication with a person in a coma, their desire or need to convey, which things are within them, is the only expression of their intention.

We assume that human beings never abandon their method of expression in whatever circumstances, and whatever the expression, it is not exclusive to the people whose minds are very clear.  According to the circumstances, humans change their way of expression in order to convey their feelings.

This production makes the statement that we never give up the function of our hearts, to make others recognize our existence, until the last moment. 

  • Duration : about 1 hour
  • Idea, Choreography, Direction : Moe Yamamoto, Kei Shirasaka
  • Music : Hideo Sekino, AndelikaRusin, Bernhard Weiss
  • Coordination : Teruko Suzuki
  • Time: 10th March.

2017(Friday)19:00-20:00 11th March

2017(Saturday)14:00-15:00 11th March


  • Add:  No.200 Huayuangang Road,Shanghai,China
  • Venue: Power Station of Art 3F Theater
  • Ticket price: RMB150(per person)/RMB120(for member)
  • Location: VIP Entrance, 1F, Power Station of Art (Please arrive at PSA 30 minutes in advance)

Moe Yamamoto (Director, Butoh-dancer, Choreographer)

Moe Ymamoto was born in Ishikawa prefecture, Japan, 1953.  He danced in a series of performances by Hakutohbo, a school of Ankoku Butoh (Dance of Darkness) led by his master Hijikata Tatsumi. He established the Kanazawa Butoh Kan in Tokyo, 1976 with a debut performance “The Front Costume” choreographed by Hijikata, and later moved back to his hometown Kanazawa.  Since then he has performed throughout the world.He is dedicating his life to spreading the choreographic method and butoh notation system created by his master Hijikata. His notebook of Hijikata’s butoh-fu for the Front Costume has been translated into English and was published this summer asCostume en Face: A Primer of Darkness for Young Boys and Girls


Kei Shirasaka (Director, Butoh-dancer, Choreographer)

Kei Shirasaka was born in Kanazawa, Japan, 1958.  She joined Kanazawa Butoh Kan in 1977 and studied butoh with Moe Yamamoto.  She plays an important role in the productions of Kanazawa Butoh Kan as a dancer, choreographer, director, and in particular by selecting music for the productions.  She had her own female butoh group briefly, producing 3 works.  Lately she is more focused on directing, and only occasionally appears as a dancer on stage.  Most recently she directed “Bellows for Boys and Smokebombs for Girls” to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the death of TatsumiHijikata, Moe's master, and inspired by Hijikata's book "Sick Prima Donna".

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