Talks Tang Keyang : Embodied Histories and Eventful Theories

Critic Tang Keyang
Regarding the lecture

History, including the history of Architecture we concerned is all about an unsettled concept of time. It’s different from the “eternity” that we ordinarily know. How can an architect construct a history of physical space, but also make his theory fit the fluctuations realities?

Bernard Tschumi, who won the Acropolis Museum Design Competition, is not only an architect, but also an architecture educator and a theory writer. According his life experience during the Acropolis Museum more than 30 years, it will become a wonderful example for the History of civilization between cultural values and architectural practices.

architectural because of the theories from inside to outside.

Regarding the speaker

唐克扬 Ke-Yang Tang

Tang is not only a Harvard Graduate School of Design Ph.D., independent curator, but also the host architect of the Ke-Yang studio. He host a number of architectural and artistic design and research projects and his exhibitions including “Glory of Classic Collections” held in the Palace Museum, the China Pavilion of the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2010 and “Living Chinese Gardens: from illusion to reality” held in the Schloss Pillnitz. His books and translations include “From Abandoned Garden to Yanyuan”, “Delirious New York”, “The fireworks of Changan” and others.