Performances Figures in a Landscape

Production: Tanzcompagnie Rubato, funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin, in cooperation with Staatliche Museen zu Berlin and Power station of Art, Shanghai. 

Figures in a Landscape is a dialogue between visual arts and dance, between European and Chinese culture. A meditation on living painting and moving sculptures.

Starting point are the costume designs of the British visual artist Jonathan Baldock, inspired by such various references and influences as Chinese opera costumes, medieval monks’ cowls or the abstraction of European modernism.

The costumes become the linchpin of choreographic constellations. They are constantly rearranged by the eight dancers, in the movement, through dance, in sculptures. Dance and costume, in action and silence, create an independent sound. The result is a dynamic sculpture, a continuous metamorphosis of form, space, rhythm, and meaning. A corresponding circular process of becoming and passing.

Event Information

Figures in a Landscape

An international, interdisciplinary project between visual arts and dance choreography.

China Premiere: 2018 May 18th. 19:30h-20:30h and May 19th. 14:30h-15:30h

Venue: Theatre 3F

Reservation: Please reserve your seat in advance through PSA official wechat yancongpsa. The performance is free to public.

Tip: On 18th, please come to VIP entrance (close to MiaoJiang road) to check reservation code 20 minutes before the event. On 19th, please come to theater entrance to check reservation code 15 minutes before performance starts. 

About Artist

The dancers / choreographers Jutta Hell and Dieter Baumann founded the dance company RUBATO, 1985 in Berlin. To this day, they have developed 58 full-length pieces in a wide variety of artistic constellations and cultures, which have been shown on numerous tours around the world.

Since 1995, there have been continuous work stays and co-productions in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong). Commissioned productions have been created for the Guangdong Modern Dance Company, Guangzhou, the Jin Xing Dance Theater, Shanghai,  the Beijing Modern Dance Ensemble. In recent years, they have more and more worked and cooperated with independent Chinese dancers / choreographers.

Hell / Baumann have been awarded the Prize for Performing Arts of the Berlin Academy of Arts. The dance company Rubato has been continuously supported for many years by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe of the state of Berlin.

Tanzcompagnie Rubato Dance Group

Artistic directors: Jutta Hell, Dieter Baumann

Direction, Choreography: Jutta Hell

Dance: Li Ling Xi, Dieter Baumann, Carlos Osatinsky, Bing Luo, Anja Sielaff, Wang Zhen Jun, Er Gao, Alessandra Defazio

Costume, Sculptures: Jonathan Baldock

Light: Fabian Bleisch

Sound: Da Bao

Event Photo

Tanzcompanie Rubato舞团过往演出现场

Tanzcompanie Rubato舞团过往演出现场

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