Workshops Workshop of ANALOGUE REALITY: The Book Cover

Critic Lars Müller
Regarding the Workshop

The psD School is a movable classroom in the Power Station of Art, it is about to launch the second workshop taught by the master named “Book Cover Design”. This workshop is related to the “Lars Müller: BOOKS Analogue Reality” exhibition, thus, Lars Müller will become the instructor for this workshop and invite 24 students to learning and explore their creativity in the design.

During the workshop, each student will choose a book from the exhibition, through the interpretation of its content, then use of typography methods for the design of a new book cover. By comparing the similarities and differences between the characters and the letters, students need to show the best cover design of the theme and content of books by the creative interpretations. Each participant may submit one or more designs and books can be selected for the Chinese, English or bilingual.

The workshop instructor, Lars Müller, will selected the winning program with two mystery guest judges in the afternoon of the third day, and awarded a certificate. The winning program will be used as a part of the exhibition that display in the psD.

Schedules of the workshop
Day 1 Research, concepts and ideas
  • Make an Introduction of the workshop and clarify the mandates.
  • Lesson of the instructor
  • Students’ comment
  • Group discussion
Day 2 Creative design
  • Lesson of the instructor
  • Students’ comment
  • Group discussion
Day 3 Design and works presented
  • Group discussion and Q&A
  • Display
  • Lesson of the instructor
  • Students’ comment
  • Group discussion
  • Awarded the certificate

Regarding the speaker

Lars Müller is an internationally renowned graphic designer and publisher. He was the chairman of international graphic designer Alliance (AGI) before. He was born in 1955 in Oslo, Norway, and kept living in Switzerland after he was 8 years old. He studied graphic design in the United States and the Netherlands, returned to Switzerland in 1982 and set up a studio in Baden. He studied graphic design in the United States and the Netherlands, then returned to Switzerland in 1982 and set up a studio in Baden. Since 1996, Lars Muller has been a partner of the cross-border design group named “overall concept” (Integral Concept), and actives in Paris, Milan, Zurich, Berlin and Montreal.

He is a founder of the Lars Müller publishing house, and has published more than 300 books, covering typography, design, art, photography and architecture profession. In recent years, he began publishing in the field involving human rights, ecology and other social science books.

Lars Müller dedicated to the design and publishing professional education. He has taught at several universities in Europe, and served as a visiting lecturer at Harvard University School of Design from 2009. He was a chairman of international graphic designer Alliance (AGI) and also was a member of MOTOVUN International Publisher's Group.

Regarding the participant

We are looking for 24 young graphic designers!As long as you love graphic design, eager to face with the master designer in the world, and meet the following three requirements, you may register!

  • The students who enrolled in the field of graphic design (second year or more), graduates or the young designers who has graduated, has participated in the work and aged under 35.
  • The participants can attend three-day workshopcontinuously.
  • The participant needs to havethe basic English skills.

Regarding the psD

The psD (power station of DESIGN) was founded in March 2016. It is a extending creative space of the Power Station of Art. It is a self-experiential space of autonomy that started from the workshop, and capable of concatenate the Education-Exhibitions-Products- Leisure series into an organic production chain.

The psD is trying to break the closed model of the contemporary cultural institutions by the form of education and consumption. It is like a productive space that combined the workshops, exhibitions, shops and others.

The psD will be launched after more workshops and educational activities, so please follow us and keep looking forward to them!

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