Talks Xue Yan| Chinese Kesi Art

Guest Xue Yan
Kesi refers to silk products made with continuous warps and discontinuous wefts. It is weaved with small shuttles based on the different sections and colors of the pattern, resulting in clear rim of the pattern. For such "hard edge" effect, it is also called "cut silk". It is highly labor and time consuming to produce a kesi work, but various motifs such as flowers and grass, birds and animals can be exquisitely produced with high flexibility, and it is believed that one inch of kesi textile is worth one inch of gold. To a certain extent, Kesi represents a high quality of Chinese silk craftsmanship and art.
The lecture presents the origin and development of Kesi, introduces its techniques and artistic features, and to demonstrate its glamour.

About the Speaker

Xue Yan,
Researcher of China National Silk Museum
Deputy Director of Chinese Textile Identification and Conservation Center
Deputy Director of Key Scientific Research Base of Textile Conservation