Workshops Urban Passer-by: Comprehensive Printmaking Workshop

Luis Chan's paintings are full of fantasy that stimulates people's imagination, and he  inserts human faces into color blocks in a casual manner. Especially in his later years, he used ink-based expression techniques to cross the boundaries of the media with random shapes and lines, and to unearth the more abstract sentient beings in the subconscious. He once said: "I use ink to create 'abstract graphics' and a variety of colors to make tricks and create illusions." For Luis Chan, the illusionary paintings exist forever, and the paintings reflect his subconscious, thoughts and observations.

Luis Chan once said: "Some painters paint according to experience, but I follow my consciousness... I can't paint on the white paper without any 'marks'. This is the secret of my painting. "This workshop allows us to learn the source of inspiration for Chan, we will trace the city and the public in the abstract color and the texture of the picture!

This workshop is designed to teach you the form of a single-screen print. Using the random free expression of the color blocks and the unique texture in the printing process, you will find that a lot of possibilities, and the colors and shapes are mutually expressive, adding a sense of fun and eccentricity.


Compared with the traditional copperplate, lithograph, woodblock and other reproducible prints, the silkscreen single print has the characteristics of openness and diversity, which gives the process more fun and unique feeling.

Event Information

"Urban Passer-by" comprehensive printmaking workshop

Time: April 14th, 2019 (Sunday) 13:00-16:00

Object: Adult (15 groups)

How to register: 150 yuan / per, please purchase in advance through WeChat platform: yancongpsa

Place: Please arrive 15 minutes in advance to the PSA 3rd floor print studio

Event Photo