Shigeru Ban-Works and Humanitarian Activities

What is the architectural content to be presented possibly only by exhibitions? The meaning of exhibition planning lies in its ability to present the information that can’t be communicated simply by reading magazines, books or other print media or by observing the physical building. Surely, you can see the completed model only at an exhibition. Compared with observing the model, the actually constructed building is of unparalleled meaning. The design process can be presented through print media, but, once a building is completed, you can’t figure out how it is constructed. An exhibition can well combine the two and present more details.

The first half of the Exhibition will introduce the disaster relief projects across the world. Presentation is realized by focusing on the full-size model which gives priority to “Temporary Transition Resettlement Building in Kobe” followed by “Temporary Cylinder Paper School Building for Hualin Primary School in Chengdu ”, “Sichuan Ya’an Cylinder Paper Kindergarten”, “Paper Partition System for Shelter Use”, “Cylinder Paper Church”, “Cylinder Paper Kindergarten”, “Nepal Restoration Project” and “Ecuador Paper Shelter”.

The second half of the Exhibition will introduce the projects in progress and the projects in China (“Bamboo Restaurant”, “Bamboo Furniture Home”). In the innermost exhibition space, we will demonstrate the process of completing “La Seine Musicale”, a composite musical facility at the suburbs of Paris opened in the Spring of 2017. This project is at the west end of le Seguin, a mid-channel sandbar of Seine at the suburbs of Paris. Over the competition period of one and a half years, we won in April 2013. In this Exhibition, we will use full-size model and videos to present its 6-year design and construction process from the competition to its completion. Besides, this Exhibition will present the “Headquarter Building of Switzerland Watch Company”, “Tainan Art Gallery” and “Yufu Tourist Information Center”.

Exhibition Information
Shigeru Ban-Works and Humanitarian Activities
Time: October 8 – November 30, 2017
Venue: psD
Address: 1F PSA, 200 Huayuangang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, 200011
Admission: Free


About Architect
Shigeru Ban

Shigeru Ban was born in 1957. In 1980-1982, he studied at Department of Architecture Cooper Union (New York). In 1982-1983, he was employed at Arata Isozaki & Associates. In 1984, he graduated from Department of Architecture Cooper Union (New York) with the degree of Bachelor of Architecture. In 1985, he founded Shigeru Ban Architects. In 1995, he founded a NGO: Volunteer Architects Network (VAN). In 1995-1999, he founded UNHCR Consulting Firm. His works mainly include Nicolas G. Hayek Center (2007), Pompidou Centre (2010), OPAM (2014), and so on. Before that, he won Berlin Art Award- Hannover Architecture Exhibition Japan Pavilion (2000), French Architecture Institute Gold Award (2004), Arnold W. Brunner Architecture Memorial Award (2005), JIA Award Works Department (2009), Pritzker Architecture Prize (2014), French Art and Culture Medal Commandeur (2014), Asahi Prize (2015), JIA Japan Architecture Award (2016), and other awards. In 2001-2008, he was Professor of Environment and Information School of Keio University. In 2010, he was Guest Professor of Harvard University GSD and Guest Professor of Cornell University. He has been a professor of Kyoto University of Art and Design since 2011. Since 2015, he has been Distinguished Professor of Environment and Information School of Keio University.

PSA “Architecture & City” Exhibitions and Researches

In 2013, PSA initiated its thematic program – “Architecture & City” Exhibitions and Researches, providing themed exhibitions, holding seminars, and supporting publishing plans every year. Through architecture as a comprehensive social device, PSA is hoping to tell stories between cities and their inhabitants, as well as explore the intricate relations between individual, space and power mechanism. Until now, the museum has held exhibitions in this field including Piece by Piece: Renzo Piano Building Workshop (2015), Mobile Architecture: Yona Friedman (2015), Bernard Tschumi – Architecture: Concept & Notation (2016), Ordinary Metropolis – Shanghai: A Model of Urbanism (2016), Balkrishna Doshi: Celebrating Habitat – The Real, the Virtual & the Imaginary (2017), and Superstudio 50 (2017).

About psD

Launched in March 2016, psD (power station of Design) is the creative extension of PSA. Based on various workshops, psD will integrate education, exhibition production, and relaxation into one organic production chain, and become an experience-based space of self-learning and self-ruling. It will break the enclosed pattern of contemporary art institutions through interactive forms of education and consumption. It will be a productive space that involves workshops, exhibitions, a shop and a café. Based on the idea of China’s traditional street-side shops, psD will connect internal and external spaces through a binocular-style layout of five transparent metal boxes to form active space interactions. The internal design was the brainchild of renowned Chinese architect Zhang Yonghe.


TOTO GALLERY·MA is a gallery specializing in architecture and design that is operated by TOTO as part of the company's social contribution program. The gallery takes its name from the unique Japanese concept of ma-ai, which describes the spatiotemporal intervals or connective voids that are perceived between people, time, and space.

Since opening in October 1985, TOTO GALLERY·MA has remained devoted to organizing solo exhibitions of architects and designers from across the world. The gallery offers exhibitors with a unique opportunity to freely demonstrate their individuality by allowing them to design their own exhibitions and to comprehensively shape the spaces of the entire gallery as a single creative presentation. The gallery's intimate spaces enable the creation of exhibitions that are richly imbued with the philosophies and values of the exhibitors.

Exhibition Documentary
Exhibition Works

Cardboard Cathedral, Shigeru Ban Architects, 2013, Christchurch, New Zealand, ©Bridgit Anderson

La Seine Musicale, Shigeru Ban Architects, 2017, Paris, France ©Nicolas Grosmond

La Seine Musicale, Shigeru Ban Architects, 2017, Paris, France ©Nicolas Grosmond

New Headquarters for Swatch, New Production Buildings for Omega, Shigeru Ban Architects (In Progress), Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, ©Didier Ghislain

Tainan Museum of Fine Arts Design Competition, Shigeru Ban Architects(In Progress), Taiwan, China

Installation Views