Announce 2015 Emerging Curators Program in PSA

The Power Station of Art (PSA) is the first public contemporary art museum on the Chinese mainland. Launched in February 2014 as the museum’s standing annual project, the Emerging Curators Program is aimed at supporting outstanding young Chinese curators at both home and abroad, and providing them with the fairest platform, the most professional resources and the friendliest supporting services.

Given China’s fast-changing scenario for its contemporary art sector, the role of “curator” is now gradually coming back to the norm: from a dominator of channels and resources, to a discoverer, interpreter and practitioner of both academic researches and driving innovations. As a young institute of art, PSA expects emerging Chinese curators worldwide to actively respond to the current art trend and creations - to break existing boundaries, introduce and initiate new art events and contents, and explore new possibilities of structures and grammars for contemporary art.

2015 Emerging Curators Program will be launched in March, 2015, and 3 winners (each with a curatorial team of no more than 3) will be selected to implement 3 real exhibitions. The exhibitions will open in November 2015.

I. Requirements for Participants:

Participants, either curators or artists to take part in the program, shall be of Chinese nationality or ethnic Chinese origin, who were born after January 1st, 1970, and be engaged in research or practice of art, art critique, video, design, architecture and sound.

II. Requirements for Projects:

Each exhibition shall include at least two artists, and may involve an undefined composition of cultural and artistic genres;
Participants need to provide fully detailed curatorial project plans in both Chinese and English, including curatorial analysis (between 2,500 and5,000 Chinese characters), exhibition structure, artists’ name-list and biography, pictures, illustrations and introductions of exhibits (no more than 50 Chinese characters for exhibits submitted without pictures or illustrations),  design presentations (blueprint), budget details (including transportation, insurance, production, installation, travel expenses, accommodation, catalogue costs, and etc.);

All participating projects shall fulfill a three-month exhibition period in terms of requirements for technical safety and maintenance, with full maintenance and operation manuals provided at the event opening; in case the curatorial team cannot ensure maintenance work during the exhibition, PSA shall allocate related expenses as it sees fit;
Each participant needs to provide a full set of resume, ID photo, copy of ID and personal contacts.

III. Technical Specifications:

Participants shall design the presentation in the space appointed by PSA. The appointed spaces are in the following sections on the 5th floor of PSA: Hall 7(separated into 2 galleries), Hall 8; participants can pick any one of them to plan their exhibits;
The budget for implementing each project shall not exceed RMB330,000, and the relevant expenses for catalogue printing shall be arranged by PSA;
PSA shall provide promotional and educational services for the participating projects free of charge;
PSA shall provide services of financial instruction and supervision.

IV. Judgment, Award and Emergency Withdrawal:

The jury shall be made up with members of PSA’s academic committee, as well as special jury members by invitation;
The jury review shall take place in July 2015, and the results shall be announced to the public based on voting results of the jury;
The 3 winners shall be granted the special fund of the Emerging Curators Program (RMB 330,000) to execute an exhibition in PSA, but allocation and utilization of the fund shall be checked and approved by PSA’s financial department. The exhibition’s duration will be 2 to 3 months according to PSA’s exhibition schedule;
An emergency withdrawal mechanism is in place to ensure the quality of the program. PSA reserves the right to invalidate participants’ qualifications, if they fail to showcase practical execution abilities and sense of responsibility, obey PSA management rules, or meet the deadline.

V. Details for Submissions:

1. Submission Period: April 2nd, 2015 – May 25th, 2015;

2. Email for Submission:;

3. Inquiries: 0086-21-311 08550 ext. 8303 (Mr. Wang Fei).


By relevant laws and regulations in China, all “participants” who actively submit their projects to PSA are considered by the organizing committee to accept that the attribution of submitted projects’ copyrights have been irrevocably claimed as follows:

1. Statement of Originality

The participating project has to be the participant’s original work without infringement of any other’s copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights; this project has never been commercially involved in any way. Otherwise, the organizing committee shall invalidate the project’s qualifications to be included, selected and awarded, and reserve the rights to pursue further legal actions.

2. Attribution of Participating Projects’ Intellectual Property Rights

The attribution of all submitted projects’ rights belongs to the curator. PSA, however, owns the rights over display, promotion and other activities regarding all the awarded and selected projects. PSA’s official website is the only appointed online portal for registration and information release.

3. The participating projects must respect China’s national conditions without breaching any relevant laws and regulations.

* PSA reserves rights for final interpretation of this program.