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2016 psa emergeing curators project

Submitting Time: April 28th, 2016 – June 15th, 2016

Email for Submission:

As the Power Station of Art’s annual academic signature project, the PSA Emerging Curators Project has been a unique curatorial talent development project since its launch in 2014. The project is dedicated to providing China’s young curators a platform to practice and fulfill ideas, a path to embrace the public attention, an opportunity to access comprehensive and in-depth guidance, and an environment to enjoy healthy growth.

This year’s PSA Emerging Curators Project will be launched on April 28th, 2016. 3 winning individuals/teams (each team with no more than 3 members) will be selected, and “2+1” tangible exhibitions will be implemented, which will open together with the 11th Shanghai Biennale in November 2016. And 2 winning individuals/members of the winning teams will have access to the project’s first-ever “overseas Researcher Opportunities”.

What is “2+1”?

To better spread contemporary art deep around the city of Shanghai, 2 of this year’s 3 winning projects will be put on display on the 5th floor of PSA, while the other one will be set up at the at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, and may have the opportunity to be part of the 11th Shanghai Biennale’s City Pavilion Project.

What is “Overseas Researcher Opportunities”?

With full support from the French Consulate General in Shanghai, this year’s Emerging Curators Project will pick 2 winning individuals/members of the winning teams for exclusive “Overseas Researcher Opportunities”. The eventual candidates will head to France in early 2017, and undertake up to 4 weeks of studies and exchanges with local artists and art organizations.

I. Requirements for Participants:

All participants shall be of Chinese nationality or ethnic Chinese origin, who were born after January 1st, 1975. They have been engaged in research or practice of art, art critique, video, design, architecture and sound.

All participants shall provide a full set of bilingual resume, ID photo, copy of valid ID and personal contacts.

II. Requirements for Projects:

All participants shall provide fully detailed curatorial project plans in both Chinese and English, including curatorial idea statements (no more than 1,000 words), exhibition structure, artists’ list and biography, pictures, illustrations and introductions of exhibits (no more than 80 Chinese characters for each exhibit), exhibition design presentations, and budget details (including transportation, insurance, production, installation, travel expenses, accommodation, maintenance costs, and etc.);

All curatorial project plans shall target an audience of Chinese nationality or ethnic Chinese origin, but there are no limits on the cultural and artistic areas they involve;

All participating projects shall fulfill an up-to three-month exhibition duration in terms of requirements for technical safety and maintenance, with full maintenance and operation manuals provided at the exhibition opening; in case the curatorial team cannot ensure maintenance work during the exhibition, PSA shall allocate related expenses as it sees fit, and arrange for necessary workforce.


III. Technical Specifications:

All participants shall design their projects in the space appointed by PSA. This year’s appointed spaces are: space A and B of Hall 7 on the 5th floor of PSA, and Central Exhibition Hall at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel. Floor plans of the three exhibition spaces are now available on PSA’s official website, and participants could pick one location to design their curatorial plans;

The budget for implementing each project shall not exceed RMB 300,000 (pre-tax), and all expenses beyond the budget shall be shouldered by participants themselves;

The exhibition duration for winning projects shall be 2 to 3 months according to PSA’s exhibition schedule.


IV. Judgment:

The jury shall be made up with members of PSA’s academic committee, as well as special jury members by invitation;

The eventual winning projects shall be decided after three rounds of judgment. And all finalists are required to attend face-to-face interviews with the jury at the end of June (international travel expenses to be shouldered by participants themselves);

The eventual winning projects shall be announced to the public in July 2016, based on voting results of the jury. PSA shall make the announcements through its official information portals.


V. Rewards:

Each of the 3 winning individuals/teams shall be granted the special fund of the Emerging Curators Project (RMB 300,000 pre-tax) to execute their exhibitions. The fund shall be only used for exhibition executions, and all expenses beyond the budget shall be shouldered by participants themselves. Allocation and utilization of the fund shall be checked and approved by PSA’s financial department;

The Emerging Curators Project will pick 2 winning individuals/members of the winning teams for exclusive overseas researcher opportunities. The eventual candidates will head to France in early 2017, and undertake up to 4 weeks of studies and exchanges with local artists and art organizations;

PSA shall provide promotional and educational services for the participating projects free of charge;

PSA shall provide services of financial instruction and supervision.


VI. Emergency Withdrawal Mechanism:

To ensure the quality of the project and its exhibitions, PSA reserves the right to invalidate participants’ qualifications, if they fail to showcase practical execution abilities and sense of responsibility, obey PSA management rules, or meet the deadline.

VII. Submission:

1. Submitting Time: April 28th, 2016 – June 15th, 2016;

2. Email for Submission:;

3. Inquiries: 0086-21-3110 8550 (Ms. Hong).


By relevant laws and regulations in China, all “participants” who voluntarily submit their projects to PSA are considered by the organizing committee to accept that the attribution of submitted projects’ copyrights have been irrevocably claimed as follows:

a. Statement of Originality

The participating projects shall be the participant’s original work without infringement of any other’s copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights; the projects shall have never been commercially exploited in any forms. Otherwise, the organizing committee shall invalidate the projects’ qualifications to be included, selected and awarded, and reserve the rights to pursue further legal actions.

b. Attribution of Participating Projects’ Intellectual Property Rights

The attribution of all submitted projects’ rights belongs to the curator. PSA, however, owns the rights over display, promotion and other activities regarding all the awarded and selected projects. PSA’s official website ( and its official wechat account

“yancongpsa” are the only appointed portals for the project’s information release.

c. The participating projects must respect China’s national conditions without breaching any relevant laws and regulations.

* PSA reserves rights for final interpretation of this project.

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