Books Why Not Ask Again: 51 Personae

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A Power Store

A Power Store, the name of the pop-up store of PSA(Power Station of Art) . It appears on the 1st, 2nd ,3th and 5th floor, light and changeable. It talks to the contemporary art and folk art, as well as to the architecture and troubadour life. It compliments the lust of art and exquisite consumption.

No.: P0CBW0104

Press: China Academy of Art Press

Size: 12x18cm    

ISBN 9787550312319

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“51 Personae”, which was a project finished with 51 citizens, collected the dialogues between 2016 Shanghai Biennale and the city. These 51 people are just like the stars shining on the sky of Shanghai. Their stories were collected in this catalogue, including the activities and the arrangement of gatherings.