Books “Bâton Serpent III: Spur Track to the Left” Catalogue Huang Yong Ping

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A Power Store

A Power Store, the name of the pop-up store of PSA(Power Station of Art) . It appears on the 1st, 2nd ,3th and 5th floor, light and changeable. It talks to the contemporary art and folk art, as well as to the architecture and troubadour life. It compliments the lust of art and exquisite consumption.

No.: P0CBW0060

Press: Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House

Size: 30x24x6cm   ISBN 9787558601361

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The catalogue of the largest retrospective exhibition of Huang Yongping in China is presented by National Museum of the 21st Century Arts (MAXXI) and Power Station of Art, divided into 3 volumes: Installation in Progress, collection of 102 draft sketching and structural drawings The Residue, and the pictures, introduction and academic comments of exhibition. This catalogue is precious for learning and collecting.

This version of Huang Yongping’s solo exhibition at Power Station of Art will present about 30 pieces according to the space. Besides the large scale installations such as Baton Serpent (2014), PSA will also include many early works from him, showing the artist’s consistent energy, exploration, and reflection.